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Application of SKF Bearings Paper Machinery

wallpapers News 2020-11-17

As the societys demand for paper is getting higher and higher, in order to improve the production efficiency of papermaking machinery, the continuous update and technical improvement of papermaking equipment and the development of papermaking machinery at high speeds and wide widths will affect the service life and reliability of bearings.

SKF bearings have a product series that can meet these needs, and all parts of the paper production line are equipped with SKF bearings. In particular, the "TL (Tough & Long life) bearing" dedicated to the dryer section developed by applying the material heat treatment technology of SKF bearings, and the "SKF bearing HPS spherical roller bearing" developed by integrating material technology, design technology, and manufacturing technology. "Etc., it plays an important role in supporting the paper industry. SKF Bearings will continue to develop high-reliability bearings that are closely related to improving production efficiency, and will always contribute to the development of the paper industry.

SKF bearing performance and innovative technology

The bearings used in the dryer rolls of papermaking machinery must be in a high-temperature environment due to the high-temperature steam passing through the rolls. For this reason, the bearing will peel off early due to insufficient lubricant film formation, creep caused by aging due to long-term high-temperature use, and the temperature difference between the shaft and the inner ring will increase the mating stress and cause damage to the inner ring of the bearing. In particular, cracks in the inner ring will cause major accidents leading to production shutdown. As a countermeasure to the above-mentioned problems, Tianjin Yuzhi Bearing has developed a high hardness and long life "TL (Tough & Long life) which improves the crack resistance of the inner ring and has dimensional stability at high temperatures through the special carbonitriding treatment of the material. ) Bearing". This TL bearing has the best reliability among similar products. As a special bearing for the hydraulic cylinder roller of the dryer section, it has established a stable position in the market. 

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Spherical roller bearing TL series, this kind of high-strength bearing that prevents inner ring cracks, can be effective in high-temperature devices. It is a long-life bearing that can make a great contribution to users to improve production efficiency and save costs.

In the face of high-function standard imported SKF bearings, HPS series spherical roller bearings are developed using advanced technology and materials, which realizes the long-life use of paper machinery and equipment under high speed and strong load, and ensures the good operation of the machinery.


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