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Do you know about samarium nitride and terbium nitride?

wallpapers News 2021-04-30
About Samarium Nitride Powder
It is a chemical substance with the chemical formula SmN. The molecular weight of nitrided mar is 164.367 and the density is 7.353 g/cm3. not soluble in water. Samarium nitride powder is mainly used to manufacture metal sa, electronic equipment, magnetic materials, etc.
How is samarium nitride powder produced?
After 1-24 hours, prepare nano rare earth nitride powder at low temperature (below 400°C). X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the product has a face-centered cubic structure. TEM test shows that the particle size is less than 100nm, and the minimum particle size is 1nm. Nano-metal nitriding mar can realize the selective hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexene. The chemical reactivity of nano-rare earth metal samarium nitride is 2-4 orders of magnitude higher than that of the corresponding commodity, and it has important application value in the fields of materials, energy, and chemical engineering.

About terbium nitride powder
The chemical formula is TBN, the density is 9.550g/cm3, and the melting point is 2630°C. Terbium nitride is a black powder with a molar mass of 172.93g·mol-1. Nitriding has a high melting point, but poor oxidation resistance. It can be oxidized at 600-700℃ and can only be used in vacuum or neutral gas. Moist air will decompose TBN in a chemical reaction to form Tb(OH)3 and ammonia.

Product performance of nitriding TerTbN powder
Our nitrided ter TbN powder (CAS 13708-63-9) has high purity, ultra-fine particle size, and larger surface area.

Terbium nitride TBN powder
Terbium nitride TBN powder Application: Terbium nitrate is widely used in high-end ceramics, luminescent materials, special metallurgy, petrochemicals, artificial crystals, magnetic materials, displays and other fields.