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Matters needing attention in the correct selection of SKF rolling bearings

wallpapers News 2020-11-17

The correct selection of SKF rolling bearings have a very important influence on whether the main engine can obtain good working performance and prolong its service life. Whether the enterprise can shorten the maintenance time, reduce the maintenance cost, improve the operation rate of the machine. Therefore, both design and manufacturing departments and maintenance and user departments must pay high attention when choosing SKF rolling bearings.


Mechanical space and position occupied by SKF bearings

In mechanical design, the size of the shaft is usually determined first, and then the rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the shaft. Generally, SKF ball bearings are used for small shafts, and SKF roller bearings are used for large shafts. When the axial position of the bearing in the machine is restricted, a special narrow series or ball or the rolling bearing can be used.

The size, direction and nature of the SKF bearing load

The load is the most important factor in selecting bearings. Roller bearings are used to bear heavier loads, and ball bearings are used to bear light or medium loads. Bearings made of carburized steel or bainite quenching will withstand shock and vibration loads. In terms of load direction, when bearing pure radial load, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings can be selected. When the bearing is subjected to combined radial and axial loads, angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are usually used.

Self-aligning performance of SKF bearings

When the center-line of the shaft is different from the center line of the bearing seat, there will be an angular error or the shaft has a large distance between the two supports, and the rigidity of the shaft is small, and it is easy to bend or tilt. The self-aligning performance of SKF bearings is related to the allowable different axial degrees. The larger the value of the different axial degrees, the better the self-alignment performance.

The rigidity of SKF bearings

The stiffness of SKF bearings refers to the force required to produce the deformation of the bearing unit. The elastic deformation of rolling bearings is very small, and there is no need to consider it in most machines, but in some machines, such as machine tool spindles, bearing stiffness is an important factor. Generally, cylindrical and tapered roller bearings should be used. Because these two types of bearings bear the load, their rolling elements and raceways are in point contact and have poor rigidity.


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