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New application areas of self-lubricating bearings have great potential

wallpapers News 2020-11-17

With the development of new application fields, the future market space of the self-lubricating bearing industry will be broader.


Auto industry

With the rapid development of economic globalization, the global automobile industry has undergone some new changes. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, automobile production and consumption have reached a certain degree of saturation, while the economic growth of developing countries is relatively fast. The demand for popularized consumption will continue to be an important driving force for the growth of global automobile production and sales, and the focus of the global automobile industry will continue to tilt towards developing countries.


Construction machinery industry

Self-lubricating bearings can be used in the joints and transmission parts of construction machinery. With the rapid growth of the machinery industry, especially the construction machinery industry, the demand for self-lubricating bearings in the construction machinery industry is gradually increasing.


Mold industry

Mould is an extremely important and indispensable special basic process equipment in industrial production. Due to the high production efficiency, high consistency, the low energy consumption of materials using molds for mass production, as well as high precision and complexity, it has been increasingly valued by various industrial production departments of the national economy and is widely used In the manufacturing fields of machinery, electronics, automobiles, information, aviation, aerospace, light industry, military industry, transportation, building materials, medical treatment, biology, energy and other manufacturing fields, many parts and components need to be processed and formed by molds. The mold is called the "mother of industry". The market demand is huge.


Hydraulic and other general machinery manufacturing

The technical level and strength of the general machinery manufacturing industry directly affect and determine the competitiveness of other industries and products, and it is an important manifestation of a country\'s comprehensive national strength. The manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level of major complete sets of technical equipment is a comprehensive manifestation of a country\'s technology, economy, and industrial modernization level. Self-lubricating bearings can be widely used in the general machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, as the market capacity of this industry continues to increase, the natural growth of the self-lubricating bearing industry will be guaranteed.


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