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One-way bearing of bearing type

wallpapers News 2020-11-17

There are many types of bearings. Among them, there is a special bearing called a one-way bearing. Next, I will introduce the types and production methods of single bearings.

Definition of one-way bearings

One-way bearing is a kind of bearing that can rotate freely in one direction and lock in the other direction. One-way bearings are also called overrunning clutches, but they are named according to different industries and functions. The metal shell of a one-way bearing contains a lot of rollers, needles or balls, and the shape of its rolling seat (cavity) makes it only roll in one direction, and it will produce a lot of resistance in the other direction ( The so-called "one-way").


Powder metallurgy one-way bearing adopts the forming and sintering process to make a metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) into products. Based on the research on the characteristics of powders and process changes, the corresponding technical process is adopted to change the shape, performance and structure of the powders to become bearing products that meet different needs.


Characteristics of one-way bearings

The solid one-way bearing uses GCr15 bearing steel, the hardness after heat treatment is HRC61-65, the bearing is small in size and has a high load-bearing capacity, there is enough space for storing grease, and it can have a longer smoothing distance. Powder metallurgy one-way bearings and solid one-way bearings can completely lock the driveshaft when it is subjected to the driving force.

The inclined raceway and needle roller on the outer ring are installed as a lock. HFL (clutch and bearing assembly): The supporting bearing is installed on both sides of the needle roller clutch and accepts radial load. As the supporting bearing, the needle roller and plastic holder assembly are used. Since there is no inner ring, the shaft wears a lot, so it is better to stop heat treatment on the operating shaft.

Application of one-way bearings

Prevents the lack of "locking up" performance of traditional stamped outer ring one-way bearings. Main uses textile machinery; printing machinery; automotive industry; household appliances; currency detectors. Series one-way needle roller bearings: It is composed of a stamped outer ring and a plastic holding frame. The holding frame can be equipped with plastic reeds or stainless steel reeds to guide the needle.


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