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The characteristics and benefits of roller bearings

wallpapers News 2021-10-14
Characteristics of roller bearings
1. The professional
Bearing parts processing, a large number of special roller bearing equipment. Such as steel ball processing using grinding machine, grinding machine and other equipment. The characteristics of specialization are also reflected in the production of bearing parts, such as steel ball companies specializing in the production of steel balls, miniature bearing factories specializing in the production of miniature bearings.
2. Advanced
Due to the large-scale requirements of bearing production, it is possible to use advanced machine tools, tooling and processes. Such as CNC machine tools, three jaw floating chuck and protective atmosphere heat treatment.
3. The automation
The specialization of bearing production provides conditions for its production automation. In the production of a large number of automatic, semi-automatic special and non-special machine tools, and production automatic line gradually spread application. Such as heat treatment automatic line and assembly automatic line.
The benefits of roller bearings
(1) Significant energy saving.
Due to the characteristics of roller bearing's own movement, its friction force is far less than that of sliding bearing, which can reduce the power consumption of friction resistance, so the energy saving effect is significant. From the theoretical analysis and production practice, the power saving of general small ball mill with roller bearing is 30%~35%, the power saving of medium ball mill is 15%~20%, and the power saving of large ball mill is 10%~20%. Since the ball mill itself is a large energy consumption in production, this will mean a considerable cost savings.
(2) Convenient maintenance, reliable quality.
Using roller bearings can save babbitt material melting, casting and scraping tile and a series of complex maintenance process with high technical requirements as well as oil supply, water supply cooling system, so the maintenance amount is greatly reduced. And because roller bearings are manufactured by professional manufacturers, the quality is often guaranteed. Also bring convenience to the ball mill manufacturers.