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The method of prolonging the service life of bus charging station

wallpapers News 2021-04-15
With the popularization of new energy bus, more and more places in use of new energy bus, so also want to start inspection car bus stations, to meet the demand of power supply, charging station is made up by charging station, the bus into the charging station, through the station to the car battery, due to the extensive use of the bus, so he asked charging station to have a longer service life, So how to extend the service life of the bus charging station has become a problem. The following is the method to extend the service life of the bus charging station.
Control Charging Time
If the time is too short, the mileage of the bus is not enough. If the time is too long, it will not only affect the service life of the charging station but also delay the bus shift time. If it is a new bus put into use, it should be fully charged after the form. In addition, the charging time can be controlled according to seasonal changes.
Pay attention to the installation environment
The installation and use environment of bus charging stations can also affect the service life of charging stations. In the installation of bus charging stations, the choice of location and environment can let the charging station manufacturers provide professional advice, and then the installation of charging stations, which can also extend the service life of bus charging stations.
Pay attention to the voltage applied
The power supply voltage that the bus charging station can bear is also the key point to determine whether the charging station can be used normally. Therefore, professional masters are invited to design and access the electricity as far as possible, so that the bus charging station can have a better use effect and longer service life.
Comply with usage specifications
The use specifications of bus charging stations should be strictly observed. The bus charging station has been strictly tested before leaving the factory, so the quality of the charging station is relatively guaranteed. But in use, it is necessary to strictly abide by the use specifications, and also have a deep understanding of the use method and matters needing attention of the bus charging station, so as to ensure that the life of the charging station can be extended.