What are the bearings of ancient vehicles made of

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In 2000 BC, primitive vehicles appeared in China. They used multiple logs, with wooden boards on them, and heavy objects on the boards. People or horses were used to move the heavy objects in front, and another person kept placing the logs on the ground. This is the most primitive wooden wheel transportation. Through this transportation, people found that the larger the log, the faster it would go. Later, the diameter of the log gradually increased, and then it evolved into a wheel. As time goes by, ancient vehicles are constantly changing, and the bearing materials made are also constantly changing.



The original bearing prototype  

A wooden pottery wheelbase was unearthed at the Kuahuqiao Cultural Site. The wooden pottery wheelbase is like a bell, but there is a small raised cylinder on the highest part. This is the bearing used to rotate. People put a turntable on this It can rotate on the raised small cylinder, which is the original prototype of the bearing.


Bearing made of clams  

Secondly, there are bearings made of clam. Nowadays, the clam is a national second-level protected plant, and it is a good material for cutting boards, but in ancient times it was good material for bearings. Its advantages are that it does not bend, crack, and is resistant to water. Rotten, as hard as steel.

It can be seen from the unearthed metal bearing shells of the Han Dynasty that the bearing has been improved to a certain extent. This is the most primitive sliding bearing. There are also sliding bearings composed of wood and metal, which greatly reduces the friction between the wheel and the axle and improves the rotation. Speed ​​also extends the life of the wheels.

Other types of bearings  

In the Yuan Dynasty, there was also a "roller bearing". This is a bearing installed on the "armillary sphere" invented by scientist Guo Shoujing. Its main purpose is to reduce frictional resistance. It can be said to be the most primitive rolling bearing, but it was not used in ancient vehicles at that time. on.

In addition to bearings made of wood and iron, there are also bearings made of bronze. In the beginning, the production of vehicle bearings was relatively simple. First, the axles were crossed below the ground and connected to the round holes in the center of the wheels. The wheels were steamed with steam to make a circle. Spokes are installed to increase the degree of sturdiness. Two two-wheeled frames are connected by a vertical shaft in the middle, and a steering device is installed.


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