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Many parameters can affect the result of a slitting operation


As you can see, there are many parameters that influence or can be used to influence the result of a slitting operation. Cutting quality depends on the following combinations:


The formability and ductility of sheet are important aspects in slitting process.


Incoming conditions Shape defects and internal stresses in incoming materials, which are not always known, can have a significant impact on the process:


Tool setup Tools can be adjusted to achieve the best results for a given material. The most important parameters are horizontal and vertical clearance, sheet clamping, rake Angle or slitter diameter, cutting speed and tool sharpness. As a result of wear and tear, sharp tools can become dull, resulting in poor results and particularly large burrs.


The understanding of this process is mainly empirical and how these parameters affect the slitting process is not fully understood. So it's hard to control the guillotine, especially the cutting process.


In practice, the correct tool configuration is mainly found through a combination of trial and error. This can lead to lengthy procedures to find a good setting in case of "new" materials (high strength steel or aluminum) or tighter tolerances. Models are therefore needed to reduce trial and error time, resulting in better quality and higher productivity.


The goal of this project is to build a (finite element) model of a stationary slitting process. The model can be used to study the influence of some important parameters on the cutter and slitter. The results of the model should provide more insight into these processes, leading to better product quality and process control.


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TX Machinery has experience in developing and manufacturing the metal slitting line machine for more than 30 years. TX metal slitting line is designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy, efficiency and performance for metal service centers, steel mills, the automotive industry and many other metal and non-ferrous material processing around the world. With many years of experience in the field of sheet metal processing, we have developed various types of special application slitting line machines with the most advanced technical solutions.

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