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Precautions for leveling machine operation


Inspection of leveler equipment

Before the flatbed material is adjusted, the machine should first be run empty to check whether all parts are running normally. It is necessary to ensure that the leveling roller bearing has enough lubrication before formal operation.

Fill lubricating oil into mechanical sliding and rotating parts and reducer.

2. Check the sliding and rotating parts manually until they are flexible and without jamming.

3 Injury of improper equipment inspection

3 clean all sundries on the work, and the workpiece may be in contact with the pressure roller, the guide roller

Weld line polished smooth.

4 Check whether electrical appliances and cables are normal


Use of emergency stop button for leveler

Before operating the leveler equipment, the operator must check whether the emergency stop button of the equipment bed and the button station is in good condition and whether the function is normal. If any problem is found, the operator must find the maintenance personnel to repair it before using it.


Adjust and run empty

For different metals, the quantity of the different thicknesses of sheet metal applied should be the same, for each kind of different sheet metal school at ordinary times, all is going to make a reduction of the adjustment, the maximum reduction should be in the material end, minimum discharge end, up and down two rows of rollers are not allowed to use in parallel, levelling of a batch of material, the reduction of adjustment can be read by the digital display ruler.

1. First of all, empty running, observe the operation of the transmission parts and parts is normal, there is no blockage, overheating and other abnormal phenomena.

2 turn off the main motor, and adjust the position of the correction hole formed by the upper roll and the drive roll according to the width and thickness of the flange of the corrected steel. The correct operation procedure is to extend the head of the steel into the correction hole and start the left and right lifting motor and adjust the position of the lifting motor correctly according to the deformation of the steel.

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